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Corporate Governance

Governance Documents

Stockholder Communications with The Board of Directors

Stockholders wishing to send communications to the Board of Directors of Mohawk should write to the Mohawk Board of Directors at P.O. Box 963, Calhoun, GA 30703. Please indicate whether the communication is directed to all Board members or only non-management Board members. The company's General Counsel will relay all communications to all members of the Board or non-management directors as directed by the writer.

In order to provide an additional opportunity for stockholders to communicate with members of the Board of Directors, it is the policy of Mohawk's Board of Directors to attend the annual stockholder meetings.

Printed copies of Mohawk's Standard of Conduct and Business Ethics, Corporate Governance Guidelines and charters of the standing committees of Mohawk's Board of Directors may be obtained by contacting the Corporate Secretary at 706-624-2650.